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Kips Flamin Burgers

What an absolute honour it was to work with Kips Flamin Burgers, home of Durhams Best Burger! Our team worked closely with owner Carm to develop a new website, new menu design and some burger photography! We are very exited to work with them further on video projects.
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We were very happy to design and deliver ‘Welcome’ postcards for Talentnet, a¬†platform that provides enterprise organizations a suite of private talent community modules accessible as Software as a Service (SaaS). These cards are sent out to all new clients.
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Tundra Technical

We were approached by the lovely people at Tundra Technical in Toronto to create ‘Welcome’ postcards to send out to their new clients. We were very pleased with their professionalism to the project, and are thrilled with the outcome of the design.
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